Our History

Our organic elderberry farm, Nature’s Organic Haven, is located on the Missouri River bluffs just across the river from Hermann, Missouri. The farm has been USDA certified organic since 2012, and currently has 12,500 elderberry bushes. The elderberry varieties grown on our farm are a combination of the cultivars Wyldewood, Bob Gordon, Ozark, York and Marge.

The farm was started in 2012 by Phyllis Hannan, who wanted to pursue her love of plants and a healthy lifestyle. After much research, symposiums and working with several people in the industry, Phyllis felt that elderberries were still in their infancy in the US and had a large potential for growth. After meeting with University of Missouri Fruit Science advisors, Andy Thomas and Patrick Byers, she decided to try her hand at growing elderberry, a native plant that grew well in the Missouri River bluff area and could be grown organically. Her philosophy of sustainable agricultural, fit nicely with growing elderberries so a plan was put into place.

Phyllis started the first plantings of elderberry plants in 2012 with 2,500 plants, adding an additional 5,000 plants in early 2013, then in 2014 adding another 5000 plants. She soon added cherries and chokeberries to her list of crops.

Her elderberry farm, Natures Organic Haven LLC, soon applied for organic certification, which was approved September 30th, 2012, making her entire farm USDA certified organic.

Nature’s Organic Haven is committed to growing elderberries using sustainable farming practices. We believe in the genuine quality of our elderberries and the wholesome farming practices used to create them.

Today, we continue our mission to grow more flavorful and nutritious elderberries in a method that is environmentally friendly.

Our organic elderberries are an important ingredient in our Nature’s Power juice drink.


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