We care about you and the earth.

We believe that not only should we produce healthy juices that are nutritious and tasty but in doing so we need to also be good stewards of the earth, using farming practices that are kind to our environment.

We Want to Keep Mother Nature Happy

We take pride in how we grow our elderberries that go into our healthy juice by protecting what we value most, our environment, by using sustainable farming practices.

We are committed to all things Organic

We select only USDA certified organic ingredients for our healthy juice drink because we care about you. We want you to live better, work better and feel better by making healthy choices for you and your family.

We Support Local Businesses

Our organic elderberry farm is located in Hermann, Missouri, a small town in the Midwest where Phyllis Hannon, Nature’s Organic Haven founder, grew up. Our BPA free bottles are manufactured by a local company and our bottling plant is also located in Hermann!

Phyllis Hannan

Phyllis-Hannan-Elderberry-FarmerPhyllis Hannan was born and raised in Hermann, Missouri. While living in California in 1985, she started her own laser business, building another facility in Hermann, Missouri in 1992, which stemmed from her fascination for lasers.

In 1996 Ms. Hannan was awarded the Small Business Person of the Year for the state of Missouri and went on to win the same award for the entire United States, allowing her the opportunity to meet with President Clinton. She also received the Small Business Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Governor of Missouri. She has served on the Hermann Chamber of Commerce as president and board member.

After retiring from Laser Light Technologies Inc. in 2012, Ms. Hannan decided to pursue her life-long love of plants and healthy products. After much research, symposiums and working with several people in the industry, Ms. Hannan felt that the elderberry was still in its infancy in the US and has a large potential for growth since the benefits of elderberry and elderberry uses have become more popular.

It was after meeting with University of Missouri advisors, Andy Thomas and Patrick Byers, she decided to enter the market of growing elderberries, a native plant that grew well in the area and could be grown organically. Her philosophy of sustainable agricultural, fit nicely with growing elderberries so a plan was put into place.

Ms. Hannan started the first plantings of elderberry plants in 2012 with 2,500 plants. In early 2013, she added an additional 5,000 plants, and then adding another 5000 plants in 2014, for a total of 12,500 plants. Her company, Natures Organic Haven LLC, soon applied for organic certification, which was approved September 30th, 2012, making her entire farm certified organic.

Ms. Hannan has two doctors on the board, Dr. Stan Gross and Dr. Harry Fisch. Dr. Stan Gross and our laboratory blend team developed a flavorful, nutritious recipe for Nature’s Power, the all natural juice drink, which features her organic elderberry juice from her farm.