I never would have imagined I would need bypass surgery. I was always the picture of health when I suddenly noticed difficulty walking any distance at all. During my recovery, one of the big concerns was deep congestion and pneumonia. However, I was taking Elderberry Complete (a formula I originally developed for Physician’s Natural Solutions). Not only did I not suffer deep congest, my lungs remained clear and my recovery was considered nothing short of miraculous. Four days later I was back home and three weeks later I was back on the job. Giving the body what it needs to recover is vitally important for all of us. Taking Elderberry Complete was an important aspect to my recovery.
Dr. Stan Gross
I’ll admit it! I was a caffeine junky. After drinking three to four cups of strong coffee in the morning, I would grab 2 large cans of my favorite energy drinks and a few shots just to get me through the day. It was no surprise to my doctor that my blood pressure was outrageously high. I was introduced to Nature’s Power and I replaced my unhealthy addiction with a healthy habit. I am down to 2 cups of coffee and no more energy drinks or shots. My blood pressure has dropped to normal without the need for medication and I feel fantastic!
Heather J. Clayton, MO
I have suffered from seasonal allergies for years. I hated how I felt on medications which made me drowsy and unable to function. I was given some Elderberry Complete and have never felt better. My seasonal allergies are gone and my energy level has dramatically improved.
Jason B. Denver, Colorado
I have young teenage children ages 16, 13 and 11. We were going through 6 two liter bottles of soda a week (and that’s just what they drank at home). I had noticed my kids were getting a little thick in the middle. I wanted to find a healthy alternative to soda when I was introduced to Nature’s Power. My kids love the taste and we are not buying any soda. No complaints and I noticed the weight is coming off. I appreciate the positive changes in my family.
Marybeth K. Belleville, IL.