Why do we add gooseberry juice?

Gooseberries are considered another super fruit, fruits that contain higher than average levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

The Indian gooseberry, also known by its Hindi name ‘amla,’ is a deciduous tree that is native to Asia. The Indian Gooseberry belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and in India, is considered a sacred tree. The gooseberry became an important factor in human diet centuries ago because of its nutritional values and culinary uses. The round berries are about the size of a large grape; they are light green to golden in color when fully ripe. They are high in nutrients, antioxidants and rich in vitamins.

Gooseberry benefits are many; they have high amounts of phenolic phytochemicals, especially flavenoids and anthocyanins. These compounds have been found to have numerous health benefits.

Our Nature’s Power Juice Drink contains a certified organic blend of Alma or Gooseberry extract (Orgen-C Vitamin C) and certified organic blend of Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon extracts (Orgen B’s B Complex) both products are from Orgenetics, Inc.. Orgenetics Inc. invented a new patent pending extraction process to extract a concentrated form of All Natural and 100% Organic Vitamins from various fruits and vegetables along with existing co-nutrients of the same botanicals.

Here’s just a few of the many health benefits of gooseberries:

  • High in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant
  • High in vitamin A
  • High in phenolic phytochemicals, such as flavenoids and anthocyanins